Famers vs monsanto

I watched a documentary a few years ago called The Future of Food, an eye-opening film about genetically modified foods (or GMOs).  Some people have called it corporate bioterrorism.

While I remember being quite frustrated with my own ignorance by the time the film was even halfway through, I know that by the end I was just plain angry.  I wasn’t angry at myself because, let’s face it, it is never too late to start learning and becoming more informed (and that’s exactly what I started doing), but I was infuriated with a corporate giant called Monsanto.

Maybe you’ve heard of them. Maybe you haven’t.  But you may be surprised to learn Monsanto has taken over almost everything you put inside your body.  It is quite a shock to discover, all of sudden, that every choice you thought you had made about your own food (whether grown from packaged seeds or purchased at the store) was really a choice already made for you. You just didn’t know it. And because of those choices(a term I’ll use loosely here), you have unknowingly been contributing to the demise of our country’s agricultural livelihood.

If you would like to learn more for yourself, please check out the links below. The first two links will take you directly to some of the more popular and most informative documentaries on the subject.  The last link will direct you to Food Democracy Now!, an organization committed to protecting our food, our natural environment, our farmers, and our families.

The Future of Food
The World According to Monsanto
Food Democracy Now!

Food Democracy Now! is asking for your help to support farmers as they face the corporate bully known as Monsanto on January 31st in a lawsuit designed to protect our farmers from “genetic trespass”, a tactic developed by Monsanto decades ago and that lawfully allows the company to invade conventional and organic crops with their own patented seeds by way of wind.  How convenient and, sadly, it is completely legal.